2015 GMC Terrain Might Obtain 4G Connectivity

General Motors has recently announced that the company will team up with AT&T to equip the upcoming version of the GMC Terrain and other vehicle models that are produced by the carmaker with 4G connectivity.

According to General Motors, the 4G connectivity that will be used on the upcoming version of the GMC Terrain and the other GM vehicle models such as those that are marketed by Cadillac, Chevrolet and Buick will be responsible for bringing the streaming video to the vehicles’ seats at the back without the need to use DVDs.

In addition to this, General Motors has also stressed out that the 4G connectivity that the company and AT&T would be developing will provide the GMC Terrain and other GM-made cars to have their own Wi-Fi hot spots that are capable of handling multiple types of devices. Aside from that, the 4G connectivity is also expected to help the navigation system used on the upcoming model of the GMC Terrain to become more sophisticated and provide faster display.

Although a lot of tech experts have stated that GM’s move to equip some of its vehicle models with the 4G connectivity is a risky undertaking since the system might get outdated soon, the US carmaker stressed out that the company is not that worried since the 4G connectivity system which is embedded on vehicles was proven to move different types of data almost 10 times quicker compared to what the 3G system has provided.

General Motors has also take pride in stating that the company’s use of 4G connectivity on the upcoming version of the GMC Terrain and other vehicle models will allow the car owner or driver to connect to the outside world while driving. General Motors has also revealed that 4G connectivity system might also allow the vehicle to contact or remotely inform its owner when the vehicle was involved in an accident on the parking light. This system could also be used to inform the driver that the vehicle was involved on a parking lot accident. Finally, General Motors has revealed that the system might possibly provide the driver with an early warning when the vehicle is having a mechanical trouble.

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